Flickering Candle

Avery's Notes for 4-21-12

One week after our last episode Andrew and Kiley are on Skype as a storm outside is raging. It is Sunday at nearly 2200. They have seen the ghostly figures wielding knives throughout the week, always keeping to the shadows and seemingly evaporating upon introduction of light to the area. The figures are haunting their streets and windows on this night. Research throughout the week has started few leads. It is assumed that they are ghosts, demons, spirits or some other sort of spiritual entity. One legend that sounds similar is about the Glass Eyed Men from a local Native American legend.

The lights flicker and the storm continues outside of both of their apartments. They exchange information on what is going on on either end of the computer call. The lights go out and Kiley cracks a glow stick while Andrew calls her. A clunk outside of Kiley’s door and more of the silvery eyes in the darkness outside freak them out. Andrew comes over, taking care to keep light around him. The figures creep them the heck out. While he’s walking, Kiley sets up the entrance to her apartment and hallway leading up to it with candles so that they don’t have to worry about the lighting. In her door stuck with a knife is a piece of heavy parchment with similar alchemical symbols to the ones found in last weeks session and the words “Follow Us” written by a leaky fountain pen. When the two of them get back to the apartment, the knife is gone but the paper remains.

Kiley tests the danger by going out into the hall alone without an active light source. A ghost moves down the street. She turns back to find a dozen of the figures behind her, all staring. Their breath is hot but the air around them is cold. She goes back for Andrew and grabs her pack, weapons and a good raincoat and they head out into the storm. The figures seem displeased at their decision to go back to Andrew’s for his car after it seems they want them on her motorcycle but better once they realize they will still be following them to where ever they are lead. They drive, taking the path to Tolmie State Park and park outside of the park limits to avoid potential impounding of the vehicle.

The path the figures take them on has not been used in a long time and they fight to get up the mountain. They stop at a tunnel that has been closed off by rotting wood. It has not seen use in a long time. The stairs down are stone and it is clear this was put here intentionally because of the brickwork and peeling stucco on the walls. Everything is or was once covered in the same alchemical symbols that keep reoccurring. A larger more defined spirit without the knife carried by all of them waits at the bottom of the stairs and runs deeper into the tunnel. Upon closer inspection of the markings on the walls, it seems that they are mathematical formulas. Kiley and Andrew continue down into the dark tunnel using a violet light so as to not piss off any of the spirits. They follow another spiral staircase down into the belly of the earth where they find a room. It is nearly perfectly round and in the center lies a pedestal with an old tome resting on it. It was once bound to the pedestal but the locks have since rusted away.

Every page of the book is covered in information in several languages. On the cover the same alchemical symbol from the slab is stamped onto the cover. The pedestal itself which is made of stone and iron has suns, moons, stars, and constellations carved into it.

Andrew and Kiley hide and put out their lights as they hear someone coming down the spiral staircase. Four men enter. One man holds a shotgun with a light mounted underneath while the others wield pistols. Kiley is the only one armed but Andrew holds the book. The men seem displeased at the sight that the book is missing and start to search the room. Kiley takes a chance and runs for the exit, trying to ensure Andrew’s safety since he has nothing with which to fight. She takes a shot at the man in between herself and the entrance and manages to get out the door. Three of the men follow her quickly. One of them drops his light and when Andrew turns on his flashlight, he sees that the man has been stabbed more than fifty times. He takes the man’s weapon and heads quietly up the stairs after them.

Kiley’s work in physical training pays off and helps her reach the top of the stairs without being caught. She positions herself to take on her pursuers and when they reach the top, a gun fight breaks out. After she’s used up the advantage that surprise gives her she makes her way to the treeline for cover, still trying to keep the men from realizing that she had a partner. They finish off the men but one gets away and Kiley nearly takes a shot at Andrew, not realizing who is coming out of the tunnel in the dark and rain. He identifies himself and they search the bodies and come up with 2 Beretta M-92 with several clips, a 45 that Andrew will keep, a shotgun, and an AR-15 with three magazines. There is also a straight edged boot knife with it’s holster. They make their way back to Andrew’s car and head back to Kiley’s.

Once home, they inspect the book a little further. The spine calls it Des Vermis Mysteriis or Mysteries of the Worm. It looks like the languages inside blend german, greek, latin and possibly others. They agree to go to bed since Kiley has to work in four hours and see a professor at one of the local colleges at lunch the next day to try and decipher some meaning from the tome.

Avery's Notes for 4-7-12

It is Wednesday, early summer in the Seattle area. Nick and Johan’s characters work together at a bar that my character frequents.

The news reports teenagers and college students going missing near a small cemetery. Six have gone missing in the last two weeks. Police have warned people to stay away from the cemetery after dark.

We head to the cemetery to check it out during the day time and see a few things of note. A concrete slab looks like it’s been turned up in the last few weeks but has been grown over. Also a mausoleum door is part way open. Molly Williams and her sister were supposed to be buried there but because of legal difficulties her sister was not placed with her. Now, legend has it, if you lay on the vacant slab you will hasten your own death. As we enter, we see a symbol inside that has been chalked on the slab. A circle within a square within a triangle within a circle that stands for the philosophers stone.

We go to the cemetery at around 2200. Someone hopped the fence before us. We find a dead 16 year old who appears to have clawed out his own eyes. We do a creepy 13 steps to hell one stair at a time. There is a door at the bottom, where we find Johan’s character unconscious on the ground. A door that has been welded shut is adorned with another image of the philosophers stone. We exit and follow a guy to a fire in the woods where the body of the 16 year old is being burned and other bones litter the ground. We fight a gooey tentacle monster who implodes and pops to leave a small brownish black pitted stone in its place. Upon its death, something else rushes away. As we search the area, Nick’s character finds a note pinned to a tree with a knife that simply says, “I see you.”

When we reach Nick’s character’s car there is a knife through the hood. On the drive home, we see a line of guys in the street. We stop. As they come towards the car they seem to evaporate in the light. We each continue to see them over the next weeks but they disappear before we can see any identifying marks.


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