Flickering Candle

Avery's Notes for 4-7-12

It is Wednesday, early summer in the Seattle area. Nick and Johan’s characters work together at a bar that my character frequents.

The news reports teenagers and college students going missing near a small cemetery. Six have gone missing in the last two weeks. Police have warned people to stay away from the cemetery after dark.

We head to the cemetery to check it out during the day time and see a few things of note. A concrete slab looks like it’s been turned up in the last few weeks but has been grown over. Also a mausoleum door is part way open. Molly Williams and her sister were supposed to be buried there but because of legal difficulties her sister was not placed with her. Now, legend has it, if you lay on the vacant slab you will hasten your own death. As we enter, we see a symbol inside that has been chalked on the slab. A circle within a square within a triangle within a circle that stands for the philosophers stone.

We go to the cemetery at around 2200. Someone hopped the fence before us. We find a dead 16 year old who appears to have clawed out his own eyes. We do a creepy 13 steps to hell one stair at a time. There is a door at the bottom, where we find Johan’s character unconscious on the ground. A door that has been welded shut is adorned with another image of the philosophers stone. We exit and follow a guy to a fire in the woods where the body of the 16 year old is being burned and other bones litter the ground. We fight a gooey tentacle monster who implodes and pops to leave a small brownish black pitted stone in its place. Upon its death, something else rushes away. As we search the area, Nick’s character finds a note pinned to a tree with a knife that simply says, “I see you.”

When we reach Nick’s character’s car there is a knife through the hood. On the drive home, we see a line of guys in the street. We stop. As they come towards the car they seem to evaporate in the light. We each continue to see them over the next weeks but they disappear before we can see any identifying marks.



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