Des Vermis Mysteriis

Mysteries of the Worm


This tome is large and heavy, roughly two feet long, by 1 1/2 foot wide and six inches deep. The book is bound in brownish leather, thick and almost warm feeling, ancient lettering stamped in gold leaf mostly gone, except the faded title on the spine. Brass bindings edge the book, and a pair of heavy iron brackets, badly rusted, adorn the spine. The paper is ancient yellowed parchment, the edges tattered and worn with time and use, the ink faded. Each page is covered top to bottom in crabbed handwritten script, in a mixture of languages, including archaic German, Latin, French and more. Strange formulas, pictures and woodcuts are sprinkled throughout, though sometimes it looks like the words are arranged differently on a page the second time it is viewed.

As of yet, the contents and purpose of the book have yet to be determined, as well as the link between it, the mysterious men who attacked the Hunters, and the shadow-entities who led the cell to the hidden ruin where it was found. Recently the cell acquired notes that will help them translate the book and begin unlocking its secrets.

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Des Vermis Mysteriis

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