Kiley's Backpack of Stuff

Quick emergency back that stays loaded for hastey travel.


Kiley’s backpack is a camel back that stays loaded with awesome stuff to help us on our adventures. These things include:

  • water pouch
  • fire starter
  • chem lights in green, yellow, red, and violet
  • crochet hook
  • nips
  • knife
  • plastic bags
  • iodine
  • duct tape
  • multi-tool
  • whistle
  • compass
  • 550 cord
  • local map
  • dust mask
  • tarp
  • chapstick
  • cough drops
  • condoms
  • small first aid kit
  • small flashlight
  • box of ammo
  • sewing kit
  • glasses
  • bottle opener
  • mirror
  • razor
  • pain meds
  • plastic card
  • notebook and pen
  • reflective belt
  • knife sharpener
  • flash drive

This bag is based off of Avery’s “I should have left yesterday” bag. I left some of the stuff that is more useful long term off the list but most of this is what I consider immediately useful if we get stuck somewhere. Basically, Kiley and her player share a little of the “survivalist” mentality and this is considered an essential.

Kiley's Backpack of Stuff

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