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Group XP Total: 6

Our Current Common Arsenal
2 Beretta M-92 Bonus 2 Range 20/40/80 Clip 17-1 (not associated with any of us legally)(unknown history)

Shotgun Bonus 4 with 9 again Range 20/40/80 Clip 5-1 (not associated with any of us legally)(unknown history)
Note: Buckshot: At short range, buckshot gains a one-die bonus to its Damage rating against an protected living (or unliving) targets. At medium and long range, buckshot loses this bonus, but suffers only half the normal range penalties, and any other character in physical contact with the target (e.g., grappled or grappling) also suffers damage equal to half the damage the primary target receives (round down). At all ranges, any target’s Durability or Armor rating is doubled.

AR-15 with 3 clips Bonus 4 Range 150/300/600 Clip 30-1 (not associated with any of us legally)(unknown history)

Straight edged boot knife Bonus 1

Legends We’ve Run Into
Seperated in Death
Stairs to Hell
Glass Eyed Men
Des Vermis Mysteriis

Important Notes from Previous Sessions
The biggest reoccurring theme is the alchemical symbols and more specifically the one that stands for the philosophers’ stone: The circle within a square within a triangle within a circle

Places We’ve Been
Tacoma (where we live)

Tolmie State Park

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